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The Historic

Benton Harbor

Fruit Market

over 150 years of delivering freshness

From Michigan's Great Fruit Belt

If you landed on this page because of your interest in local foods, then

this will be an interesting space for you to explore. If you are one of the

lucky few who really know what a peach is supposed to taste like, that

strawberries are supposed to be soft, juicy and sweet, that every apple

variety has its own time when it stands out among all other varieties

as being best in its season, and in short, if you know what the best of

Berrien County and Southwestern Michigan tastes like in terms of the

farm products produced here, then this website of the Historic Benton

Harbor Fruit Market is a place where you can explore ways to get the food that made us famous.

But if you are new to the area, new to this great fruit belt, or if you are a visitor and you are unaware of our 150+ year heritage in horticulture, pomology, and diversified food production, then our historic marketplace will be a delightful experience for you!

Our marketplace is historic and famous for one reason and only one reason: this geography along the eastern shores of Lake Michigan has proven over 160 years not only to be a reliable producer of anything relating to Temperate Zone horticultural, but also to possess what the French call a “terroir” which roughly translated means “the taste of a place.“ And the thing is, to the delight of people who know, the taste of The Great Fruit Belt is indescribably delicious.

Probably the best place to start if any of this interests you and you would like to engage in a truly remarkable local food system with us, just click the tab and write us a quick note how you would like to do that. For example do you want to become a wholesale buyer? A grower selling on the market? A family wanting fresh, healthy and delicious local food? No matter how you want to connect and no matter what the reason, there is probably a place for you here. Just tell us what you want and we will efficiently send you the information you need to take action and make what you want a reality.


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