Benton Harbor Fruit Market

Benton Harbor Fruit Market

Over 100 Years of Delivering Freshness

Fresh Local Produce

From Michigan’s Great Fruit Belt

For over 150 years (since 1860), we have been the place to find local and sustainable produce. You could taste the local difference, see the local difference.

The difference is fresh!

Our small and medium sized family farms know fresh produce. To them, fresh is not just a marketing spin.

Fresh means picked today!

This is your invitation to experience local produce that’s not just picked fresh, but sold fresh.

Established in 1860, the Market showcases over 100 commodities where many can be bought in truck-load quantities. Please check our pages for exciting opportunities to access some of the finest locally grown fruit and vegetables in the world.

We are open for trading Sunday thru Friday from roughly Mid June to the end of October. The Direct Sales Stalls open at 6:00 a.m. Buy Fresh…but Local!

And don’t forget to visit our site often for updates to what’s being harvested. Your access to local food is just a few clicks away….

“Support your local everything.”