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Our Story

The Benton Harbor Fruit Market was established in 1860. We are very excited to be celebrating our 163rd anniversary in 2023! The sprawling 22 acre facility is a State Historic Site. The market is strategically located within 4 hours of a quarter of the population of the United States, while  also situated in the heart of the Midwest Fruit Belt. We are the country market on the doorstep of major population centers. Along with shipping to nearby metropolitan areas, The Market serves the local community which has supported it over the years. It is very common to talk to anyone in Southwest Michigan that has a connection to the market.

The following types of business are currently operating at the Benton Harbor Fruit Market:

  1. Wholesale Produce: Large, high volume, wholesale produce operators that receive produce from large  local commercial growers for delivery across the United States.

  2. Trading Lanes: Local Growers bring in produce in bushel/half bushel quantities for restaurants, local farm markets, and small wholesalers in nearby large metros.

  3. Storage: 22 acres, multiple covered areas, multiple buildings available for winter storage, all on pavement.

Local, farm fresh produce will once again be available to the public starting in June 2023.  Please watch the website for more information. In the meantime, if you have any questions, or would like to share a story about the market, please feel free to contact Tara Smith.

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