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Foodservice Market Area

The Benton Harbor Fruit Market has excellent facilities for Foodservice. This includes 8 above ground docks with a capacity of well over 200 trucks for cross docking, & 2 in-ground docks with a capacity of 8 trucks. We have over 35,000 sq feet of cold storage available, which is broken down into multiple coolers of varying size. We have facilities available for processing, and packing fresh produce, with excellent access to U.S, Highway 31 to Indianapolis, Interstate 94 to Chicago, Detroit, and all points in between, and Interstate 196 to Grand Rapids and North. In addition to all of this dock space, the Benton Harbor Fruit Market has over 22 acres of space for trucks to maneuver. We offer offices as part of our service to make a more comfortable working environment for our clients.

There is vacant space available for the 2023 season.

For more information, please contact Tara Smith or Lucas Costanza.

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