Market Standards

Market Standards for Fresh Local Produce

A. Benton Harbor Fresh Market #1 Grade

  1. When “Benton Harbor Fresh Market #1” grade designation is used the lot shall meet at least the minimum grade requirements and reflect the desirable size, shape, color and overall good quality of the entire crop; except commodities may be separated into the customary sizes in which case size shall be marked on the container. Lots of “Benton Harbor Fresh Market #1” graded produce shall be marked with the appropriate Benton Harbor Market stamp.
  2. Pick-outs from a higher grade shall not be permitted in the “Benton Harbor Fresh Market #1” grade.
  3. Overfaced lots will not meet the grade. The shown face shall truly represent the remaining contents of the container.

B. Benton Harbor Fresh Market #2 Grade
Lots comprised of produce from which superior quality fruits or vegetables have been picked out shall be stanped “Benton Harbor Fresh Market #2 grade. “Benton Harbor Fresh Market #2” grade shall meet the same tolerance and quality requirements as the “Benton Harbor Fresh Market #1” grade.

C. Basic Requirements:

  1. Free From: a. Mold and/or decay b. Breakdown c. Sunscald d. Worms and/or Worm holes.
  2. Free From Serious Damage** By:
    • Mechanical Damage
    • Scars and Disease
    • Misshapen
    • Insect Injury
    • Freezing
    • Other causes which would seriously affect the edible shipping quality.
  3. Tolerance for Defects: Not more than a total of 10% for defects failing to meet the requirement including not more than 2% for “Free From” requirements.
  4. Tolerance for Size: Undersize – not more than 5% shall be smaller than the minimum size marked on the container or specified.
  5. Individual Container Tolerance: Individual containers shall not contain more than two (2) times the tolerance, specified for size or defects provided that not more than one (1) specimen or three (3) times the tolerance specified whichever is greater, shall be allowed for “Free From” factors provided that averages for the lot are within tolerance specified.

D. Marking Requirements:

  1. Containers shall be marked with the Name and Address of the packer, grower or vendor.
  2. Containers shall be marked with the net contents.
  3. Containers shall be marked with variety when appropriate.
  4. Containers shall be stamped with the appropriate U.S.D.A. Grade, M.D.A. Grade, “Benton Harbor Fresh Market #1” Grade or “Benton Harbor Fresh Market #2” Grade.

E. Trading Requirements:
Loads not meeting the above requirements shall not be sold on the market. These rules shall be enforced. *These grades are established in addition to U.S.D.A. and M.D.A. Grades. Containers designated “Unclassified” will not be accepted on the market. **As defined in the current U.S. Standards for Applicable Commodities.