Retail Trading Area

The retail area at the Benton Harbor Fruit Market is on the south side of the market on Territorial Road. The retail area is set up to be a “flea market” type of area, for local vendors. Part of the retail area will always be set aside for the local growers to have an outlet for their produce. During the growing season, the harvest volume can vary substantially. Just a little bit of cold weather can alter a forecast substantially. The 2019 growing season was an excellent example of how mother nature can completely change our production. Cold, wet Spring, followed by a warm, somewhat dry summer. Fresh local produce ran late, then became overly abundant during the warm summer months.

The Retail area is set up to give growers an extra outlet during the times of heavier volume. The good news—-GREAT DEALS!! In times of peak volume, the quality is usually the very best, so it is the best time to get great product at a fantastic price.

Disclaimer: The Retail Area is not like a normal grocery store or even farm stand. The local community does a wonderful job with those types of venues. St. Joseph has a fantastic Saturday Morning market, along with the Benton Harbor Farmers Market. Many of the local markets get produce supply from The Benton Harbor Fruit Market. Buyers that come to Benton Harbor Fruit Market are looking for wholesale prices on higher volumes. Churches, Caterers, Restaurants, & even folks with very large families look to our market for incredible deals on freshly harvested produce.

Benton Harbor Fruit Market

1891 Territorial Rd, Benton Harbor, Mi 49022