Wholesale Produce Trading Area

Looking office space or refrigerated/cold storage? 

We have several coolers and offices to choose from, ranging in size from 300 SF to 2,000 SF.  Spaces would be available starting immediately.

Northwest Dock No’s. 47-50, single 48’ x 40’ x 9’ cooler and single office space.

The cooler features not only pull down capacity to remove field heat from fruits and vegetables, but also, the opportunity to keep a steady temperature below freezing for such farm products as bare root perennial flowers, dormant nursery stock, etc. The office space is 10‘ x 20‘ with running water and a bathroom, seasonally.

Some uses of this space have included 32.5 degree apple storage, cucumber pull-down cooler, diversified broker facility, and below freezing bare root plant storage.

West Market Double Office and Two Coolers on Dock No’s. 30-46

The two coolers include Cooler 1 with dimensions of 48 x 40 boasting pull down capacity for fresh from the field fruits and vegetables. Cooler 2 is a holding cooler with dimensions of 54 x 40. This cooler will keep produce at a constant 38-40 degrees once Cooler 1 removes field heat.

The office is Internet ready, with workstations for 2 to 5 people at desks. It has a bathroom with hot and cold running water, seasonally.