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The Benton Harbor Fruit Market has two restaurants during season. The restaurant in the middle of the market area serves breakfast in the middle of the season. The Market Restaurant  is managed by Phil & Ruth Henderson, who also own the Flying Pig Restaurant, just down the street on Territorial. Growers bring their freshly harvested produce to the market at 6 in the morning during trading days to sell. Once the selling is completed, they go over to the restaurant to enjoy a breakfast fit for a farmer - 4 egg omelettes, huge breakfast sandwiches, along with some of the best biscuits & gravy around!

The second restaurant that participates in the Benton Harbor Fruit Market is Larks Barbecue. During the summer season, Larks serves lunch in the retail area. Fresh Fried green tomatoes, harvested just a few hours earlier from our local growers, along with hot dogs, sausage, and other lunch favorites.

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